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Don't fall victim to Loan Fee Fraud

There has been an increasing number of reports from consumers to us and the FCA who have been asked to pay a fee when applying for a loan or credit that they never receive. This is known as ‘Loan Fee Fraud' or ‘Advance Fee Fraud'.

How to spot the signs that someone is trying to scam you

Don't fall victim to Loan Fee Fraud
Don't fall victim to Loan Fee Fraud

Below is a list of warning signs to look for, so you don’t fall victim to this scam.

What steps can you take to protect yourself?

Some authorised firms may ask you to pay an upfront fee before getting a loan but they have to adhere to certain regulations.

If an authorised company asks you to pay a fee upfront before getting a loan, they should send you notice setting out certain information.

Any company not following the above process should be treated as a scam.

Norton Finance DO NOT require any upfront fees to be paid before a loan or credit is released so if anyone contacts you claiming to be us and asks for money up front, do not continue with the application and report them to the FCA.


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