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Holiday Loans

From the beaches of Barcelona to the markets of Marrakech, a holiday loan can help you reach your dream destination.

Holiday loans are personal loans offered as either secured or unsecured borrowing options. Use a holiday loan to help cover the costs of flights and accommodation, as well as activities.
  • Holiday loans are a personal loan that offers support with vacation costs.

  • Spread the cost of your holiday with repayment terms that suit you.

  • Convenient repayment periods from 1 to 30 years.

  • Get a decision ‘in principle’ within 24 hours. 

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What is a holiday loan?

A holiday loan is a type of personal loan that could help fund your next family or solo trip, so you don’t have to worry about paying for a vacation in one go.

It’s important that you have a clear idea of your budget, so you know how much you can afford to borrow and repay each month. You can use this loan however is best, from securing flights to booking accommodation.

Benefits of choosing to finance your holiday

Holiday loans can help cover the cost of your trip. They can be flexible, and you can often choose the period you wish to repay them over (usually between one and 30 years).

Once you’ve financed your next holiday, you’ll need to repay your loan through fixed, monthly payments. Holiday loans may also allow you to borrow more funds than other types of finance, such as credit cards, and usually come with lower interest rates.

Drawbacks of holidays on finance

When applying for a loan of any amount you must ensure you’re able to meet the repayments criteria. If you fail to do so you risk paying additional fees and negatively impacting your credit score.

Commonly asked questions about holiday loans

To help you decide whether to apply, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we get asked about our loans.

How much can I borrow?

Fund a trip with borrowing options of between £1,000 and £100,000 with Norton Finance or apply for a larger loan between £100,000 and £500,000. Your personal circumstances will affect your eligibility.

How long are the repayment terms?

Choose the best repayment package for you, at anything from one to 30 years.

What are the interest rates?

These vary per lender and largely depend on your financial history and current circumstances. Rates for homeowners start at 2.99%.

How long will it take?

We offer an instant decision in principle on your application, confirming whether you’re likely to be approved. Upon successful completion of the application, it may take 14 days to receive the funds, for a secured loan.

Are there any loan fees?

We get our commission from the lender, not the customer. There may be a broker fee of up to 12.5% of the amount you have borrowed, capped at £3,995 for secured loans. We don’t charge broker fees on unsecured loans.

Am I eligible for a holiday loan?

Your eligibility depends entirely on the requirements of the lender. Whether you have CCJs, are self-employed or even retired, we work with a wide panel of lenders who can help you find an affordable loan solution.

Applying for a holiday loan

At Norton Finance, we assist people no matter their financial situation. We understand that your credit rating may be a concern. However, we work with lenders who can provide loans for those with a lower credit rating. Complete your application, selecting how much you want to borrow, choose a suitable repayment plan, and leave the rest to us. Once we have all the details, we’ll find the right loan for your trip, hassle-free.

Getting started

See our loan calculator for a way to calculate your monthly repayments. Choose how much you'd like to borrow, and for how long, and you'll get an idea of the loan deals on offer.

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