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Business Loans

Loans to help start-ups and small businesses get off the ground

If you are looking for financial support to grow your enterprise, or have a great idea for your start-up, a business loan ticks the boxes. With over 40 years’ experience, and a vast range of options, at Norton Finance, we can help you secure the right business loan to set you up for success.
  • Massive choice

    We search the market from over 600 plans.

  • Flexible terms

    You can choose to spread the cost over any term from 1 to 30 years.

  • Here to help

    Even if you have a poor credit history or CCJs, are self-employed or even retired.

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What is a business loan?

A business loan provides you with the investment needed to help your enterprise prosper. As we are a broker, not a bank, we can help you find the best rates from over 600 plans, even if you have been rejected for having bad credit in the past.

How does a business loan work?

Whatever your circumstances, we can help make your business goals a reality. Whether you have a fantastic idea for a new start-up, or need funds to expand your existing business, we can help. You could borrow between £3,000 and £500,000 with flexible terms starting from one year, up to 30 years. With so many products across a range of lenders, get the ball rolling with the right option for you.

What can I use a business loan for?

There are many ways you might want to use a business loan - whether starting from scratch as a sole trader, to expanding your payroll.


Taking on new staff

Pick up some people power to propel your business to new heights.

Opening new premises

If you have outgrown your office space or your workplace is in desperate need of a refurb.

Expanding your vehicle fleet

If you need new wheels for the workplace, a loan could help you get things moving.

New equipment

Invest in the latest technology to give your business the competitive edge.

Debt consolidation

Consolidating your debts into one simple repayment plan can help you take control of your business’ finances.

Applying for a business loan

Our dedicated Commercial and Business Loan specialists are here to help you navigate the application process, compare rates and work out how to get a loan to meet your needs. Use our business loans calculator to decide the amount and work out repayment rates.

What kinds of businesses are eligible for a business loan?

From architects to Zumba instructors, we can help every type of business secure the financial support it needs to flourish. Here are just a few examples:


Doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals might use a business loan to grow their customer base. This could be by investing in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage patient files more effectively, or market research to track feedback, improve customer service and increase the level of interaction with patients. Whatever the aim, a business loan could help build a greater reputation, attract more patients and ultimately become more profitable.

Retail and freelance

The UK has a burgeoning population of self-starters and small retailers, who are increasingly harnessing the power of digital media to market their goods and services. A business loan could help fund a professional digital marketing and social media management to keep them one step ahead of the competition.

Catering and hospitality

With the help of a business loan, restaurants, cafes and hotels could transform their services from shabby to chic, improving their appeal. Businesses could use the loan to invest in advertising to get their voice heard, or improve their accommodation or facilities. This, in turn, could help to boost bookings, increase capacity and stave off hungry competitors.

Is a business loan right for me?

If you are a start-up, entrepreneur or small business owner in the UK, a business loan could be exactly what you need to take your hard work to the next level. Compared to other types of credit, such as personal loans or credit cards, our business loans offer a great deal of flexibility, firmly placing your prospects in your hands.

Whether you are a sole trader or a limited company, a start-up or franchise, we could be the answer to your credit requirements. If you have been refused a loan from a bank or other lender in the past, possibly due to bad credit or having no trading history, we may be able to help you overcome the barriers to securing the help you need. Because we are a broker, not a bank, we have access to over 600 loan products from trusted lenders across the market.

Will a business loan affect my credit score?

A typical business loan does not require a check on your personal credit rating, so it is still possible to obtain the funds you need to help your business thrive.

Our dedicated team of experts will work through your requirements to help you find the best rates, processing your application as swiftly as possible and sourcing simple repayment plans that work for your circumstances.

We understand that taking out a loan can be daunting. That’s why it’s essential to choose a product that is right for you, as if you do not keep up the repayments on a secured business loan, your home could be at risk.

What do I need to apply for a business loan?

You can begin applying for a business loan with us online. First, you just need to enter a few simple details, including:

Once we receive this information, we will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail. It’s a good idea to have information to hand regarding what you need the loan for, and, if you are taking out a loan to consolidate debts, details of the other loans too.

Business Loan FAQs

Please click below for the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find the information you need, call us free on 0800 694 5566 and one of our advisers will be happy to help.

How much can I borrow?

With a loan from Norton Finance, you may be eligible to borrow between £3,000 and £500,000, depending on your personal circumstances.

How long are the repayment terms?

Our repayment terms can be anything from one to 30 years, depending on how much you want to borrow, and what you can afford to repay.

What are the interest rates?

The rate of interest will vary based on your current circumstances and financial history. Loan interest rates for homeowners start from 2.9%.

Are there any loan fees?

As we are a broker, not a bank, we receive commission from the lender after a loan has been repaid. We may also charge a broker fee of up to 12.5% of any secured loan amount borrowed. There are no broker fees on unsecured loans.

Can I pay off a business loan early?

You can pay off a loan early; however, there may be an early repayment fee. This will normally reflect the amount of interest that would have been paid had the loan reached the end of its agreed term. This could make early repayment a less attractive option, so it’s always best to make sure you understand the terms of the loan and are confident you can repay it.

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