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Norton Finance scours the full market, offering access to loans from £25,000 to £50,000. Loan terms span one to 30 years, providing real flexibility, even for people who have lower credit scores, CCJs or who are not currently in work. Whether you’re looking for a £25,000 loan for a business investment, a £50K loan for debt consolidation, or anything in between, you can choose from up to 600 products to find the best one for you.
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    We search the market from over 600 plans.

  • Flexible terms

    You can choose to spread the cost over any term from 1 to 30 years.

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    Even if you have a poor credit history or CCJs, are self-employed or even retired.

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Unlike a bank we can search wider to find you the best products. So you get more choice not more rejections, even if you have a bad credit history. And that’s more than any bank can offer

Reasons to take out a £25,000 to £50,000 loan

There are many reasons why people choose to take out £25,000 to £50,000 loans. Some people apply for 25K loans because they’re large enough to be used for major home restructuring projects. A new conservatory, a single-storey extension or converting an attic into a contemporary loft space, for example, are often within this budget. A 50K loan meanwhile, or something in between, might be used to make multiple large-scale home improvements. Alternatively, entrepreneurial types sometimes take out loans of these values to either start new companies where initial capital is required, or to invest in existing enterprises.

Some borrowers take out loans of £25,000 to £50,000 in order to reduce outgoings on other debt. Consolidating a number of loans, credit card debt or other outstanding amounts can be significantly cheaper than servicing multiple payments each month. Bringing a number of debts together can help you gain greater control over your personal finances and put more cash in your pocket on a monthly basis. Ultimately, it can also be the cheaper option in the long term.

Making sure you can afford your loan

To make sure you can afford your loan into the long-term future, there are a number of important steps you can and should take. Anyone asking themselves ‘can I get a £50,000 loan’ should also give serious consideration to how they will maintain regular repayments on a large loan. Before applying for any borrowing, begin by creating a household budget. Take an honest look at how much cash you have coming in, and how much going out. Make a note of all your regular outgoings. This should include all your monthly bills including rent or mortgages, utilities, internet, mobile phone charges and council tax. It should also include any direct debits or other outstanding payments you are responsible for. Once you’ve recorded all this, take a look at your variable expenses. These are costs that will be different from one month to the next like clothing, food, holidays, school trips and entertainment. Don’t forget to factor in any extra expenses like saving plans, insurance policies or pensions. It’s very important to be realistic with these figures. Once you have a total figure for your outgoings, subtract it from your income to see how much you might be able to afford on a loan repayment every month.

Remember, loans these kind of loans will secured against your home or another high-value asset. Use our loans calculator to see how much monthly repayments may be on the amount you want to borrow for your given time frame.

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How long will it take to receive my loan once it’s approved? 

It’ll depend on the lender. With large loans it can take a few weeks to approve borrowers and transfer funds. This means that getting a £50,000 loan into your account, ready to use, may take a little time. However, when you start the application process you’ll be assigned an experienced customer manager. They will keep you informed at every step of the loans journey and do all they can to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Why choose Norton for your £25,000 to £50,000 loan?

Choose Norton Finance for your £25,000 to £50,000 loan if you’re looking for a tailored service that takes your personal, financial circumstances into account. We’re a broker, not a bank or building society. This means that we have access to many of the best loans across the full market. Larger loans like these are most frequently offered with longer repayment periods. This means you can settle into a regular repayment schedule that’s predictable and can budget accordingly.

To get started, use our loan calculator to see how much your monthly repayments would be on the loan you’d like. Next, use the quick online application form to let us know how much you’d like to borrow over what period of time. Once we have that information we can start the quote process. Doing this won’t affect your credit score – it’s simply an easy way to find out how much you might be able to borrow.

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