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Long Term Loans

Spread out your repayments with a long term loan

Planning for the future? A long term loan lets you spread your repayments, easing the financial burden and taking the stress out of planning your next big project. Norton Finance can find the ideal long term secured loan for you, regardless of your financial history, with over 600 products across our panel of lenders.
  • Massive choice

    We search the market from over 600 plans.

  • Flexible terms

    You can choose to spread the cost over any term from 1 to 30 years.

  • Here to help

    Even if you have a poor credit history or CCJs, are self-employed or even retired.

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Homeowner rates, from 2.9%

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Unlike a bank we can search wider to find you the best products. So you get more choice not more rejections, even if you have a bad credit history. And that’s more than any bank can offer

What are long term loans?

A long term loan is a simple way to spread the cost of life’s big events. A boost to your finances can really take the stress out of organising a wedding, planning home improvements, or even starting up your dream business. Whatever you’re planning, a loan could set you in the right direction.

As we are a broker, not a bank, we have access to over 600 loans from a range of leading providers. If you have been refused a loan or have bad credit history, don’t worry, we help people from all walks of life to find the right long term loan for them.

How do long term loans work?

We search the market to find the right lender and loan product for you. This means you choose the repayment terms, from anything between 1 and 30 years. You also control the amount you pay each month, with no hidden fees or nasty surprises. Long term loans can be used for any number of things, from home improvements to debt consolidation - what you use the money for is completely up to you.

What can I use a long term loan for?

A long term loan could help you pay for a range of big-ticket items and life events including:


Car loan

Pay for much-needed repairs or use the funds to buy a new vehicle.

Home improvement

A long term loan might help pay for significant improvements to your home like a new garage or loft conversion.


If you’re planning your big day, we can help you access funds to make your wedding plans a reality.


Got an idea for a start-up business? We can help you get your new venture off the ground.

Debt consolidation

A long term loan for debt consolidation could help transfer your debts into one affordable, monthly repayment.

Applying for a short term loan

Whether you need a short term or long term loan will depend on your own personal circumstances. We can assess your financial situation and help you find the right option.

Short term loans vs long term loans

There are advantages and disadvantages to both short and long term loans, so it is important to understand the key differences between the two. A short term loan is often repaid weekly, over a shorter timescale, while long term loans can span months, years or even decades. Interest rates are often higher for short term borrowing, while long term loans are designed with a lower rate of interest over a longer period. Which loan is more suitable to you depends on your circumstances, so it is important to weigh up the differences before choosing.

Is a long term loan right for me?

A long term loan is a big commitment, as you may be making repayments for years to come, so it’s important to consider the options carefully. Even if you have been refused a long term loan before due to bad credit, Norton Finance can help you make the right choice.

Am I eligible for a long term loan?

We have over 40 years’ experience in helping people obtain the funds they need to make those big projects happen. Even if you have been refused credit by other lenders because of CCJs or poor credit history, talk to us. We’ve helped find the right long term loan for employed/self-employed, pensioners and those receiving benefits, so why not get in touch and see if we can help.

What do I need to apply for a long term loan?

You can start your application for a long term loan online with just a few details to hand, including:

We will then get in touch to discuss your requirements, so it’s a good idea to have information handy regarding what you need the loan for, and whether you are taking out a loan to consolidate debts.

Our online loans calculator is also useful to get an idea of how much you can borrow for a long term loan.

Long Term Loan FAQs

Please click below for the answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find the information you need, call us free on 0800 694 5566 and one of our advisers will be happy to help.

How much can I borrow?

With Norton Finance you can borrow as little as £3,000 or as much as £500,000.

How long are the repayment terms?

Our payment terms are flexible – choose between 1 and 30 years to spread the cost of repayments more comfortably.

What are the interest rates?

Our interest rates vary depending on your financial history and personal circumstances. Homeowner rates start from 2.9%.

Are there any loan fees?

As we are a broker, not a bank, we search across the market from over 600 different options to find the best fit for you. We receive commission from the lender on completion of a loan, and we may also charge a broker fee of up to 12.5% of any secured loan amount borrowed, capped at £3,995. There are no broker fees on unsecured loans.

Can I pay off a long term loan early?

You can pay off the outstanding balance of your long term loan at any time; however, there may be an early repayment fee. This will normally reflect the amount of interest that would have been paid had the loan reached the end of its agreed term. This could make early repayment a less attractive option, so it’s always best to make sure you understand the terms of the loan before you commit.

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