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Let’s Talk About It

Debt can be difficult to talk about, but don’t struggle in silence. Our Let’s Talk About It report shows how our money worries can affect our lives.

When it comes to you and your money, there are certain social expectations about what you should and should not do.

Many people think it’s rather gauche to talk about how much you earn and the cost of maintaining your standard of living.

With these social pressures in mind, and the heavy expectations we have of ourselves to provide for loved ones, it can be difficult for those who are struggling financially to speak up about their problems. If left unexplored, this worry can weigh on peoples’ minds, affecting their day-to-day lives, and even their health.

In an effort to get people opening up about their money worries – especially if they’re in significant debt – we asked a thousand people from around the UK about their attitudes towards money and how much it plays in daily discussion with friends and family. The results of this survey have been collected into a new report called Let’s Talk About It.



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