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Secured Loans

Secured loans allow you to borrow more, and at lower rates, than unsecured borrowing.

If you’re thinking of applying for a secured loan, you’ve come to the right place. Norton Finance has access to over 600 financial products spanning the full loans market. That means we’re well positioned to identify the perfect loan for you and your circumstances, both personal and financial. Secured loans allow you to borrow more and at better rates than unsecured borrowing, which is what makes them the preferred option for many.
  • Massive choice

    We search the market from over 600 plans.

  • Flexible terms

    You can choose to spread the cost over any term from 1 to 30 years.

  • Here to help

    Even if you have a poor credit history or CCJs, are self-employed or even retired.

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We’re a broker, not a bank, so we can search wider to find you the best products. So you get more choice not more rejections, even if you have a bad credit history. And that’s more than any bank can offer.

What is a secured loan?

Secured loans are loans that are guaranteed by a specific asset that you own, such as your home or car. Whatever the asset, taking out a secured loan usually means you can borrow more money than you would otherwise have been able to. Potential lenders will see you as a more reliable borrower if you have an asset against which a loan can be secured. However, if a borrower consistently struggles to make repayments, and there’s no additional means for a loan to be repaid, the asset in question may be used to cover the outstanding debt by lenders as a last resort option. In keeping to your repayment schedule and not borrowing more than you can afford to repay, your assets are simply a means to taking out the money you need, and will be completely unaffected by your loan.

What can you use a secured loan for?

You can use a secure loan for any purpose you choose - the money is yours to spend as you see fit. However, most people who take out secure loans do so with a specific, large project in mind. This may be large home improvements, such as an extension, garden landscaping or a new driveway. Alternatively, you may want to use the cash to purchase a more reliable car, take a holiday or to help your kids get onto the property ladder. However you decide to use your loan, you must pay back the money responsibly and make repayments as scheduled.

Secured vs. unsecured loans

Secured and unsecured loans offer potential borrowers two quite different ways to access the cash they need. Only those who own their own home or other asset can access secured loans. Borrowers in this position can typically access better interest rates and potentially borrow larger amounts. Unsecured loans are most easily accessed by people who have strong credit rating – these borrowers are seen by lenders as a low risk, and so don’t need to offer the security of an asset to support their loan. However, choosing a secured loan creates a greater number of possibilities: you’ll often find that repayment periods are longer, interest rates are lower and amounts are higher. This is because the lender has a substantial asset to secure the loan against, reducing the risk of loss in the case of missed repayments.

Why choose Norton Finance for your secured loan?

Norton Finance is an excellent choice for anyone looking to take out a secured loan. We can find a loan that corresponds to your personal financial situation and your individual needs. And, because Norton is a broker rather than a building society or bank, we can scour the full market for exactly that. We have access to around 600 products, so we can find something that suits your needs. The flexibility of the loan products we find will let you borrow from £3,000 to £500,000, over almost any period between 1 to 30 years.

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How much can I borrow with a secured loan?

The amount you can borrow with a secured loan will depend on many factors. Lenders will consider your income, the value of the asset you’d like to secure your loan against, your regular outgoings and a few other pieces of information. A loan calculator will be used to decide how much you can borrow, over what time frame and at what rates. We want to find you a product that gives you the freedom to carry out your plans, but which also offers the most manageable repayment terms and affordable interest rates.

Can secured loans affect my credit rating?

Secured loans can affect your credit rating positively or negatively. For example, if you have poor credit to begin with, having a well-managed loan that you gradually pay off by making regular payments over a period of months or years, can improve your credit rating. Of course, the opposite is also true. If you default on your secured loan payments or take longer than scheduled to pay off the full amount, you may find it has a negative effect on your overall credit score. One important point to note is that, although how you manage a secured loan will affect your credit rating, approaching Norton Finance for a no-obligation quote will not show up on your credit report.

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