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5 tips to boost your income

A few simple ideas for making money to supplement your salary.

A little extra cash in your pocket is always welcome and it may be easier than you think to boost your regular income.

Whether you’re a busy parent, a singleton or one half of a hardworking couple, chances are you wouldn’t turn down the chance to boost your income. If you don’t have the time or can’t commit to a second job, there are many easy and even fun ways to increase the cash in your pocket, so you can enjoy a few more of life’s finer pleasures. 

Take in a lodger

Depending on your home situation and whether you have the space, letting out a room can be an option. If you’re a renter yourself, it’s important to double check you’re not breaking your tenancy agreement by subletting to another person. If a long-term lodger doesn’t appeal, how about setting up as a short-term rental property for tourists? People who live in cities or close to tourist hot spots - like the coast and countryside - will find it easier to make money this way. If you really don’t like the idea of sharing your space with other people, how about letting out unoccupied rooms as a short-term storage space?

Declutter to make money

Old toys, clothes you’ll never wear again, unused sports equipment, books and furniture… just because you don’t want something anymore, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it. Be ruthless and prepare to sell as much unwanted clutter as possible. Whether you do this at a car-boot sale or on an online auction site, there’s money to be made. While you’re in selling mode, why not offer to declutter for friends and family too? Just make sure you arrange a cut of the sales first.

Let out your parking space

If you live close to an urban centre or a big employer like a hospital or factory, you may find your parking space is much in demand. Likewise, anyone with a railway station or sport and events stadium on their doorstep will find there’s a market among frustrated drivers. An added advantage of having a car in your otherwise unoccupied driveway is that it can act as a burglar deterrent.

Spring clean your finances

Rather than generating fresh income, you might simply need to think about how much money goes out. Take a few hours to look at all of your outgoings carefully. Ask yourself whether you’re getting the best rates on your savings, whether you could consolidate any debt more prudently, and whether your broadband and mobile packages are really the best ones for your budget.

Sell your skills

Almost everyone has an extra skill that someone is prepared to pay to benefit from. Perhaps your A-Level in Maths will be handy tutoring next door’s teenager, or maybe your talent in the garden could be put to good use in someone else’s? Whether you’re an IT wizard, a keen dog walker or an expert ironer, you can charge for your services and make some pocket money.

With a little imagination and a can-do attitude, you could make a lot more cash every month, making life easier and more fun for you and your household.


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