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Secret Salaries: British attitudes towards talking about their wages

It turns out that the British are not exactly great at talking about our salaries, as our survey of 1000 workers can attest.

How do we feel, as a nation, about discussing our wages with others? We polled the nation to discover exactly that.

Apparently, Brits aren’t being truthful about how much they earn, with one in six (17%) telling others they make more than they really do.

Those who lied about their pay packet were most likely to do it to give others the impression they earned as much as them (34%), while a third (33%) wanted to impress a friend. One in eight (14%) told a wage-related porky to impress a date, with men three times as likely to do this, while one in five (21%) just did not want to feel left out.

The infographic below shows some of the insights our survey revealed, from spouses keeping their wages a secret, to asking co-workers for their income.


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