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The Top Home Interiors Trends According to Instagram

We researched the most tagged interior style trends to find out what’s got top influencers talking, and how you can match the look.

Whether you are renovating your home or just like taking a peek through the keyhole into someone else’s home, Instagram is the place to go to spot the most popular interior design trends. The hashtag interior design has almost 100 million posts linked to it.

We searched Instagram to find some interior must-haves and compiled this guide to the most popular home trends. So, if you’re fixing up your home and in need of some interior inspiration, take a look at what we’ve found.

We have broken down our findings into the most popular trend by room, as well as some trends that prove popular throughout the house, and provided an insight into how much interior influencers are spending.

Trendwatch: houseplants


Do you know your philodendron from your begonia, your cheeseplant from your orchid? #houseplants have been tagged a whopping 4,300,000 times, and featured in 32% of the images we analysed, making it the one of the most talked-about interiors trends on Instagram. Introduce a pop of green into your space and embrace one of Instagram’s most popular interior styling trends.

Trendwatch: wooden features

Wooden features bring a natural homely warmth to a home. Wooden flooring and wooden furniture were among some of the top trends, featuring in 33% and 29% of the Insta-worthy homes we analysed. From herringbone style wooden floors, to solid wood coffee tables, these are timeless trends perfectly suited to any room in the house.

Trendwatch: feature walls

A carefully designed feature wall can elevate any space. Our research showed that 31% of Insta homes we looked at had one. A feature wall can be as simple as injecting a splash of colour to one wall, adding texture through panelling or introducing vibrant pattern wallpaper. Feature walls help bring an exciting element to a room and aren’t limited to suiting one room in the house.

In the Kitchen

The heart of the home needs to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical, which explains why kitchen islands are one of the kitchen’s most talked-about trends.

Providing both style and practicality, kitchen islands are a trend that is here to stay. Many added comfortable bar stools to make the most of this kitchen addition, averaging at £215 per stool.

Other popular kitchen trends include pendant lights. While popular throughout the home, they remain a key trend in the kitchen. Providing both light and style, they come in at £85 per light.

Top 5 kitchen trends

In the Bedroom

With soothing white walls and natural finishes, an Instagrammable bedroom is a zen space. White walls are minimalist and allow the accessories to talk - the timeless colour choice appeared in 62% of the Insta bedrooms we looked at.


When choosing bedroom furniture, a wooden finish was a popular pick. The natural tones of the wood create a natural, soothing vibe. An Insta-worthy wooden bedside table averages at £525. Rattan furniture also made regular appearances in the bedroom, adding both texture and warmth to a room.

Top 5 bedroom trends:

In the Bathroom

Drawing on traditional classics, freestanding baths were a popular choice in the Insta-worthy bathroom, the average from our research comes in at around £822. Black taps added a modern twist to the bathroom, while gold taps added an extra level of opulence. The luxe look continued, with 31% of the Insta bathrooms we researched featuring marble floors and counters.

Top 5 bathroom trends:

In the Living Room

When it comes to creating the most Instagrammable living room, a neutral palette came through again, with grey sofas being a top choice. An Insta-perfect sofa  averaged at £1,517. In the living room we see the houseplant trend returning in a big way, with 41% of Insta-worthy living rooms featuring foliage.

In the Living Room

We also spotted a desire to spruce up everyday items, with coffee table décor, a trend that has amassed 128k tags and featured in 25% of the living room images. Adding fashion books and trinkets can help put a personality stamp on an everyday item.

Top 5 living room trends:

To achieve an Instagrammable home it’s clear that you have to be willing to make some bold design choices. Interior décor is a great way to give your home a boost, and if you’re feeling inspired by our guide, take a look at our home improvement loan offering.

*see methodology below.


Taking a look at the top three hashtags across the four core rooms in the home, we analysed 50 images per hashtag. We noted the trends and ranked how often they appeared. Any cross over trends were assigned to the room they appeared most frequently in.

For the cost mentioned in the blog we looked at a range of UK interior influencers and made a note of the products tagged and found associated costs for the products, or as close as possible. We then took an average.


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