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Guarantor Loans

A helping hand for people with a poor credit score

No borrowing history or missed payment should hold you back. Guarantor loans are ideal for those with bad or no credit history, helping you to take control of your finances. Supported by someone you trust, a guarantor loan means you can be accepted for the loan you want, often regardless of your credit history. We give our customers access to the best low rate loans, so you can choose the loan to suit your circumstances.
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    We search the market from over 600 plans.

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    You can choose to spread the cost over any term from 1 to 30 years.

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    Even if you have a poor credit history or CCJs, are self-employed or even retired.

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What is a guarantor loan?

A guarantor loan is a type of unsecured loan, where someone else agrees to make repayments on the borrower’s behalf if the borrower is unable to. This is usually someone you trust, such as a family member or friend, with a good credit score. Often guarantor loans are used if the borrower has a bad or no credit rating and is struggling to be accepted for a personal loan.

While the borrower can still afford the repayments themselves, they are more likely to be accepted for a larger loan as the lender has an additional security for repayments to be met in place.

Why do I need a guarantor loan?

You may need a guarantor loan if you have a bad credit score or no credit history. If you have a history of missed or late repayments, you can struggle to get approved for other loans. Equally, if you don’t have a credit score, lenders have no evidence to suggest you are a trustworthy borrower.

So by opting for a guarantor loan, a family member or friend can co-sign the application and agree to make the repayments if the borrower can’t, which lowers the risk for the lender and makes them more likely to approve a loan.

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What can you use a guarantor loan for?

You can use your guarantor loan for a variety of things. You could use it to pay university fees, buy a new car or make a deposit on a home. It can also be used to consolidate debt, as guarantor loans are usually offered at a lower interest rate than other loans. We provide access to a range of lenders, so you can find the ideal loan and lender to suit your financial circumstances. From long term loans to comparing offers for the best rate, discover the most affordable plan for your needs.

Why choose Norton for a guarantor loan?

We know the difficulty that some customers face when it comes to applying for a loan. And we can help. With a range of lenders available, it’s easy to compare guarantor loans, so we can help you find a loan that’s the best suited to your circumstances. We also offer free, no-obligation quotes which won’t show up on your credit report. Our experts are always on hand to offer their knowledge, helping you to research the best loan from a busy market. Find tailored personal loans to fit your financial needs with our help.

How do I ask someone to be my guarantor?

“Mum, Dad, Sister, Friend,. . . I’m hoping to buy a new car / go on holiday ( whatever the reason ) but I don’t have the money right now. Allied Loans could lend it to me, but I need someone who trusts that I’ll make the monthly repayments to be my guarantor. Are you happy to help?”

Be honest, let them know why you’re hoping to apply for a loan, and explain they could be the one making everything possible. Knowing they could be helping you out in a potentially life-changing way can be an amazing feeling, and the likelihood is they’ll be honoured you asked.

Here’s a couple things that can be good to mention:

Just remember, honesty is the key. You’ll likely be asked why you need a guarantor at all, which could lead to an uncomfortable conversation about credit scores. Don’t worry. As long as you’re prepared and willing to speak openly about your finances, then soon you could be wondering why you were so unsure about asking.

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